Anti Bullying Week

As part of Anti Bullying Week we have been celebrating our differences.  We all have different favourite colours yet we are all friends.  It would be a bit boring if we all liked the same things!  We also talked about the people we can talk to at school and at home if we are feeling sad or if we think someone is being unkind to us just like the character in The Bully and Shrimp did.  The children enjoyed this story and joined in with Noah’s ‘big voice’.

Image result for the bully and shrip

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Forest School

We had a great afternoon at Forest School exploring the tress and collecting leaves.  The children decided to make a big pile of leaves that was then a pretend bonfire.  Next week we will be looking at the book The Leaf Man, if you spot any interesting leaves over the weekend please bring them in to class to share.

We have been practicing using the ‘s’ sound and spotting objects that begin with this sound.  Can you remember the things I had in my bag that begin with s? Can you find some objects at home that begin with this sound?

Have a great weekend

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Holiday Memories

I hope you are having a great half term and are having lots of fun with your family and friends.  Next week we will be sharing our memories from the holiday so please do collect something to bring in with you to talk about if you can.  This might be a leaflet from somewhere you visited,  something you have been given,  a bus ticket or a photograph.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Bear Facts

This week we retold the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt using our class story map and actions.  All the children did brilliantly remembering the story.  Can you tell the story using the story map below?  We also had a great time going on our own bear hunt around the school.

We learnt some facts about bears too.  What is a bears home called? Is it a house or a den? What is a baby bear called? A cub or a kitten?

We have been busy sorting objects that we collected at the park, can you remember what we got the most of? Were there lots of conkers, leaves or sticks? Next week we will continue our bear theme and will be learning rhymes about them.


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The bear hunt continues!

This week we have been enjoying We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and will continue to do so into next week too.  We have acted out the story, retold the story using actions, made bear biscuits and been on our very own bear hunt in a deep dark forest locally.  We have counted lots of different objects and worked hard to copy patterns too.

We had a great time today at Forest School making collages from leaves and magic wands from fallen twigs.  The children worked well as a team this week and have been showing great turn taking and listening skills.

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We have had an exciting first few weeks in Robinson Class with trips to the park to look at signs of autumn and Tesco to buy our snack.  We have worked as a team to retell of The Three Little Pigs using actions to help us remember the story.  Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading photos of our adventures but I hope to get that sorted soon.

This week we will be doing lots of speaking, acting, investigating and number work around the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  We will go on our very own hunt and make binoculars to help us in our search. There will be exploration of different textures whilst thinking about where the characters go in the story including chocolate playdough for thick oozy mud (it smells delicious, not like mud at all!).

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Hello world!

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